Hey, Bree and Cam here. We are a photo and video duo who are pumped to be able to capture your love story. Apart of being your adventure elopement photographer and videographer is being there for you through all of it, from scouting out your ideal location, the perfect airbnb and finding other venders you may need, to holding your dress on the way to your first look. 
We truly devote our time to help make the planning process happen with little to no stress. We will instantly become your best friend from your inquiry to the hugs goodbye after your elopement is done and every moment between that lead you to saying "I do"!
We truly believe your adventure elopement is about really digging deep and telling your story.  We strive to make sure we capture the unique love you have for each other in an intimate, goofy, emotional and adventurous way. We want to capture everything that surrounds your big day so twenty years from now you can look back and remember it like it was yesterday.
Whether your idea of eloping is in the middle of the hustle and bustle of a big city, at a sentimental spot on your families land, or on the top of a mountain at sunset - we’ve got you covered.

Creating stories that Capture,

...not the way someone tells you it has to look like. Take a moment right now to write down what is most important to you. What things make you happy, where do you thrive most, what family traditions do you want to incorporate? Just because you decide to do something "out of the norm" does not mean it has to be anything short of perfect.

Let's do this thing!

Eloping may seem intimating, scary, or you are left clueless on how you can do it. Your family may not understand, you can't decide if it should just be you two or if you invite a select few people to be there to witness it. 
Trust me, we get it! We eloped in Mount Rainier, WA, just us two. Here is the kicker though, we then came back and had an intimate ceremony here in NY. Your elopement can look however you want it to look. Everyone's elopement looks different and is geared specifically towards their story. 

The true you

Your wild side

The adventurous spirit

Your authentic love

Your wedding should be the way you want it... 

Wondering how we can be apart of your big day?!

- Morgan & Jordan

- Nissa & Max

"Bree and Cameron are the BEST photo/video duo. Not only do they shoot great photos and videos for you to cherish for years to come, they alway bring such a spark of fun to your wedding day (or any day you spend with them). They won't be that stiff kind of professional but who wants that when you're taking photos with the love of your life anyway?! With such an intimate wedding, they fit right in with my family and I truly felt they were just part of our guest list!"

Love Letters

  They really put their heart and soul into what they do, even outside of the photography and videography. I feel they strive for the couple getting married to feel comfortable and worry free and do just about anything they can to help and make sure things are perfect. I love that we started out this journey looking for a photographer for our wedding and ended up making lifelong friends."

How do you know if eloping is for you? 

- If you want your wedding day to be just about you and your significant other. 

- If you see yourself only having only a few select people cheering you on while you say I do. 

- If you want to adventure with your best friend somewhere sentimental to you, somewhere epic, or somewhere new.

- If you dig the outdoors, are down to get your dress a little dirty, and truly soak up the nature around you.

- If standing in front of 100+ people freaks you out and you would rather share your vows privately. 

- If you do not care about all the extra stuff that comes with a big traditional wedding. 

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AH! Your wedding day? Okay bring on the tissues. We can not wait to hear about your dream wedding day!