Meet Jordin | A 25 year old self taught graphic designer.

I am so excited to be featuring Jordin on the blog today!

Hey Jordin, I am so excited to feature you on my blog! Can you tell our readers a little about yourself?!

Hi everyone! I am a 25-year-old self-taught graphic designer living in Columbus, Ohio! I’ve been married for 2.5 years, and together we have two pups – Quincy and Pumba 🙂

I know you went to school to be a teacher, what kind of teacher did you picture yourself being?

I graduated from The University of Cincinnati with my BS in Middle Childhood Education. I am certified to teach 4th-9th grade Math and Language Arts. I was one of two people in my cohort with that combination; people are usually Math/Science or ELA/Social Studies so that was a bit tricky when landing a job! (Both of those subjects are tested most years, and admin doesn’t like to give one teacher both of those subjects for that reason) – ANYWAYS, I wanted to be the teacher that changed the world, but I ended up having a really rough time my first year and didn’t continue down that path. I still love working with kids, so now I am a mentor in the Big Brother/Big Sister program.

Can you tell us a little about your passion and how you got started with making wedding stationery? 

My husband and I got engaged during my first year of teaching, and that is truly how my business became to be. I was in the middle of planning our wedding; looking everywhere for invitations, with no luck. I couldn’t find anything that really spoke to my style while complimenting his, so I decided to make them myself!  I kept getting tons of feedback after I sent them out that made me think “hmmm… maybe this is something I could actually do!” and Unica Forma was born from that point! Over the last three years I have completely immersed myself in the design world, and it really is what lights me up. I can’t think of anything better than meeting new couples and bringing their ideas to life.

I am obsessed with your work!! I love to see that you really get to know your couples to be able to truly capture what they vision and want. Can you tell me why you do this specifically and what is one way you feel like you stand out in your industry? 

Thank you! 🙂 Getting to know the people I am designing for means everything to me. I want to know what they like, what they dislike, which parts of their love story they want to highlight. Shoot, I even want to know what they like to do on the weekends! A lot of our couples have become friends of mine, and we work together on projects long after their wedding! With that being said, I think my adaptability makes me stand out in the stationery world. A lot of stationers have their set style and don’t really stray from it. While there are certain things I am more drawn to than others, I enjoy pushing the boundaries of my own comfort zone and meshing my clients’ and my own ideas into one to create a truly custom piece. Some of the invitations I create aren’t what I would choose for my own wedding, but I am able to create work that is undeniably beautiful no matter what your style is!

You started this lovely company three years ago, what are the top five goals for Unica Forma in the next few years? 
1. I want to grow my Instagram following! I spent so much time in the first year of my business building the foundation for my social media platforms, but since then I’ve been busy (because it worked so well! ha). I want to actually set time aside to work on growing my following with the right followers.

2. I want to take a real vacation. I have a goal in place this year to not work while I am on vacation. Since starting Unica Forma 3 years ago, I haven’t taken any real time off. I have worked every single vacation I’ve gone on, so this year I am making it a point to have everything in place to be able to enjoy a week or so without worry about deadlines or design work 🙂

3. Work on more styled shoots is another goal I have. I love the idea of getting to create whatever I want and styled shoots allow you to do that!

4. Network more! I am such a shy and anxious person and I avoid going out of my comfort zone whenever possible when it comes to other people. I actually just met with another stationer the other day and really enjoyed it. Enough that I even thought, hmm maybe I should actually reach out to people myself and stop being so anti-social hahah. Not even necessarily for business opportunities (although that doesn’t hurt), but really just to connect with people who work in the wedding industry and know what it’s like!

5. Develop a semi-custom selection line where couples with smaller budgets can still get quality stationery.

Can you tell our readers a little about you and your beautiful family?
Of course! Like I mentioned earlier, my husband, Charlie, and I have been married for 2.5 years. We met at UC while we were both studying to be teachers (he still teaches!). We had every class together and I just couldn’t shake that one kid in class who was always answering everything. As I said, I am anxious and shy, so I was always just in the back of class with my couple of friends and never participated. Well CHARLIE! Man this guy never stopped talking!! Over time it somehow turned into he never stopped talking to me. And then I was hooked.

You are also a vinyl lover (whoop whoop!!)- can you tell me some of your favorites? Where is your player located? Please tell me you make Charlie dance with you!?

Hahah you don’t want to see Charlie dance! Just kidding 🙂 I am huge hip-hop fan, so most of my records are 90s artists! We have hundreds though, from Gym Class Heroes to Bon Iver to Panic at the Disco to Luther Vandross. Charlie likes more of the top 40 list of music, since he was like, 2. So if it was a NOW cd it’s probably his jam.

I want you to share with me what your perfect weekend away from work would look like?! 
No phone/no internet. Amazing sunsets. Outdoor activities. Our dogs with us 🙂 Honestly, what we do every year for our anniversary is like the perfect weekend for me. We go to Hocking Hills and get a cabin for the weekend. We drink wine, make homemade pizzas, go canoeing and hiking. I get to read in the mornings while Charlie is still sleeping and watch the sunrise. We start a fire on the fire pit, drink of “home-brewed” beer (from a little home-brewing kit) and then usually don’t like it that much so I switch back over to bud light hahah and get in the hot tub and just relax!!

Can you give us a few of your favorite books and podcasts, business ones and personal favorites?
Of course!!
Business Podcasts: Goal Digger, The Tim Ferris Show and Ellechat
Business Books: Purple Cow, Clone Your Best Clients, The 4-Hour Work Week and Self-Disciplined Producer

Personal Podcasts: I’m obsessed with podcasts! Some of my current favorite are: Let it Out, It’s the Real, Simple Roots, The Melissa Ambrosini Show and Serial
Personal Books: All of the Ugly and Wonderful Things, Crash & Burn, The Lost Boy, Dark Matter, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo… I could go on forever.

If you could give anyone any tips about their wedding planning, what would you suggest/tell them? 
Take your time!!! Find vendors you absolutely love. Read their reviews. Talk to them. Look at their past work. Don’t compromise, and make sure you love everyone you book! When I got engaged I rushed into everything. I had everything booked within a week and I wish I would’ve just chilled the f out that way I would’ve loved everyone I booked!

What are your top 3 things on your bucket list? 
Oh gosh that’s hard. I want to go to Greece and Switzerland annnnd I want to have a happy + healthy family with babies in the future 🙂

Lastly, how can couples get ahold of you and contact you about your lovely work?!
You can find our couples’ questionnaire on our website and we are also on InstagramPinterest Facebook and Twitter!

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