Are you craving more than just the typical photos? Tired of those forced smiles? 
You want these precious moments in your life to be captured so well that you will never forget it? Well, buckle up friend because we can provide you with that, and more!

The Story Telling


  They really put their heart and soul into what they do, even outside of the photography and videography. I feel they strive for the couple getting married to feel comfortable and worry free and do just about anything they can to help and make sure things are perfect. I love that we started out this journey looking for a photographer for our wedding and ended up making lifelong friends."


...ended up making life long friends

Bree and Cameron are the BEST photo/video duo! Not only do they shoot great photos and videos for you to cherish for years to come, they always bring such a spark of fun to your wedding day (or any day you spend with them). They won't be that stiff kind of professional but who wants that when you're taking photos with the love of your life anyway?! With such an intimate wedding, they fit right in with my family and I truly felt they were just part of our guest list!

The best photo/video duo!

Coming from a couple who is very shy (and awkward) in front of a camera, Bree and Cam made us feel comfortable and relaxed while also making the experience really fun and enjoyable. Their passion for what they do and their ability to capture some of the most raw and precious moments in such a beautiful way is why I HIGHLY recommend these two. Our pictures came out absolutely amazing and we will treasure them for years to come. 

Cam and Bree are as amazing and fun to be around as they are talented at what they do.

They truly were such a pleasure to work with. They were so accommodating, personable and made the whole session so enjoyable!  The passion and love they both have for photography and making their clients dreams come true radiates through them both in person and along with their finished work. We laughed and smiled the whole time, not for one moment was it forced. Everything felt natural and so easy, I truly accredit Bree and Cam for having that presence ability to make us feel comfortable. 

Simply put, Cam and Bree are the dream team!

you want to be able to relive your children's belly laugh. you want to hear those little squeals of happiness. you want to cherish your everyday routine with your family at this stage of parenthood. 

Your love story may just be in the honeymoon phase, you may not be ready to get married but you're wanting to capture your unique love story at this current moment in life,  that you'll cherish forever.

you are down to get your feet dirty and adventure around. You are craving an elopement experience that will 100% scream your love. You want the day to be fun, laid back, and full of your epic & quirky love. 

I'd say we are meant to tell your story if...

We will shoot your family time capsule, elopement/intimate wedding or adventure session and have a fun time doing it!

Let the story tell itself

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